I believe design should empower you, to accomplish your goals in a way that flatters your company, brand, or project. Ultimately, I want to give you more than a pretty, “one-off” image. I want to provide you with a design tool-kit that you and your printer or web-master can customize to fit your growing, changing needs.


Whether you need a new design or you’re just looking to freshen up an existing brand, logo or idea, let’s discuss your needs and see what tools would best empower you to meet your goals.




Beards have been a symbol of strength, stature, and respect for thousands of years. In the early 1900's, they lost popularity in the United States and western culture, possibly because they interfered with military equipment used in WWI.


However, the "Tactical Beard" has returned to popularity, ever since Seal Team 6 took out Sadam. Certain coalition forces needed to "fit in" with the middle-eastern locals, so beards were again permitted in specific branches of the armed forces.


They've become especially popular in the private and civilian sectors. The "Respect the Beard" design was developed for use in those communities. Also, beards are awesome.

The "Bad Moon" concept comes from the classic Credence Clearwater Revival song. Learn more...

Do you drink Coffee? My local coffee shop, The Black Drop Coffee House, invented a drink for me one winter; you may know it as a "Dirty Chai" (Chai Tea Latte with a shot of Espresso), but they subbed out the milk for Egg Nog. Needless to say, it was amazing. They're famous for funny drink names, so we came up with "Electric Chog" (Esspresso, Chai, Nog) and when the next winter rolled around, I designed this mascot/banner as part of a social media campaign to bring it back (it worked).